Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The ICTJA is an international geosciences research institute whose mission is to advance the understanding of Earth System Science. We will achieve this by applying advanced (forefront) experimental and analytical methodologies to well-defined, knowledge-driven research objectives. A key part of our mission is to meet industrial and societal needs through knowledge transfer applied to geohazards and exploration and exploitation of geological resources. Central to our mission is quality training of the next generation of Earth Science researchers and technicians.



Our Vision

ICTJA’s vision is to enhance key areas in knowledge-driven research and to use this knowledge to meet major industrial and societal challenges in:

• Earth Systems Science.

• Subsurface characterization and monitoring.

• Characterization and assessment of geological, environmental, and climate hazards

These challenges intersect with:

• Identify new and emerging research opportunities.

• Enhance our training capabilities of the next generation of Earth scientists.

• Increase our support of early career researchers.

• Raise our level of international collaboration.


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