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Maria de Llluch Gual Perez

Graduate Researcher

  • Academic degree: Graduate

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Educational Background

  • M. Sc., 2014 Territorial and Environmental Management, University of Zaragoza. Master’s Final Project with Honors
  • B. Sc., 2013, Geology, Universidad de Zaragoza

Research Interests

Natural hazards, Environmental change Environmental Management, Environmental Education.



  • 2016 GIS Technician/Geologist, University of Konstanz. Proyect: “Taiwan in the 17th Century: Archaeology of Early Colonialism and the Beginnings of Globalization”
  • 2015 Visiting Professor. University of Zaragoza. Master’s deegre Territorial and Environmental Management Theme: “Reporting of environmental impact: Spanish and Latin American examples”





Gual Pérez, M. Ll. and Sebastián López, M. (2015). Problemática ambiental derivada del vaciado de embalses: propuesta de protocolo de desembalse. In J. de la Riva., P.Ibarra, R. Montorio and M. Rodrigues (Editors.) XXIV Congress of the Association of Spanish Geographers: “Spatial Analysis and geographical representation: innovation and application” (pages 1659-1668). Zaragoza, Spain. University of Zaragoza - AGE