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Chevrot, S., A. Villasenor, M. Sylvander, S. Benahmed, E. Beucler, G. Cougoulat, P. Delmas, M. D. S. Blanquat, J. Diaz, J. Gallart, F. Grimaud, Y. Lagabrielle, G. Manatschal, A. Mocquet, H. Pauchet, A. Paul, C. Péquegnat, O. Quillard, S. Roussel, M. Ruiz, and D. Wolyniec (2014), High-resolution imaging of the Pyrenees and Massif Central from the data of the PYROPE and IBERARRAY portable array deployments, Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, 119(8), 6399-6420, doi: 10.1002/2014JB010953.