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Lacombe, O., J. Ruh, D. Brown, and F. Nilfouroushan (2016), Introduction: tectonic evolution and mechanics of basement-involved fold-and-thrust belts, Geological Magazine, 153(5-6), 759-762, doi: 10.1017/S0016756816000650.

Defining the structural style of fold-and-thrust belts is an important step for understanding the factors that control their long- and short-term dynamics, for comprehending seismic hazard associated with them, and for assessing their economic potential. While the thin-skinned model (no basement involvement) has long been the driving methodology for cross section construction and restoration of foreland fold-and-thrust belts, a wealth of new geological and geophysical studies have shown that they are often thick-skinned, that is, basement-involved.

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