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Becerril, L., J. P. Galve, J. M. Morales, C. Romero, N. Sánchez, J. Martí, and I. Galindo (2016a), Volcano-structure of El Hierro (Canary Islands), Journal of Maps, 12, 43-52, doi: 10.1080/17445647.2016.1157767.


The first complete volcano-structural map of El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain) has been developed in order to provide a tool for volcano-tectonic analyses and volcanic hazard evaluation on the island. This map is a synthesis of collated and interpreted field data and bathymetric maps. We have integrated information obtained from: (1) high-resolution digital elevation models, (2) bathymetric information, (3) topographic, geologic and geomorphological maps, (4) aerial photographs and orthoimages, (5) previous reports and scientific publications, and (6) new detailed field surveys. The 1:100,000-scale map includes the main volcano-structural elements such as vents, eruptive fissures, dykes, faults, and landslides scars. This information has been used for analysing the volcano-tectonic evolution of El Hierro and for estimating the probability of new vent opening on the island (i.e. volcanic susceptibility). We expect that this map will underpin future geological studies and future volcanic risk assessment.

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