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Prozheeva, V., I. Makkonen, R. Cuscó, L. Artús, A. Dadgar, F. Plazaola, and F. Tuomisto (2017), Radiation-induced alloy rearrangement in InxGa1−xN, Applied Physics Letters, 110(13), 132104, doi: 10.1063/1.4979410.



The effect of radiation damage on the defect and alloy structure in InxGa1−xN thin films grown on Si substrates was studied using positron annihilation spectroscopy. Prior to the measurements, the samples were subjected to double He+ implantation at 40 and 100 keV. The results show the presence of cation vacancy-like defects in high concentrations (>1018 cm−3) already in the as-grown samples. The evolution of the annihilation characteristics after the implantation suggests strong alloy disorder rearrangement under irradiation.

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