Laboratory of Geodynamic Modelling


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The Laboratory of geodynamic modeling is the result of a group of geophysicists and geologists nucleated in 1998 at the Institute of Earth Sciences linked by the interest on lithospheric-scale processes and their interaction with the processes occurring on the Earth's surface.

The geodynamic modeling laboratory offers the experience on several codes and on the numerical modeling techniques. It is equipped with a cluster (EARTH) and a workstation (MITE) with 120 and 64 processors, respectively. The Laboratory is also connected with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The services offered by the Laboratory are:

1. High-performance computing applied to geodynamic processes.

2. Know-how in the study the lithosphere and upper mantle structure, and the geodynamic processes that take place on the lithosphere-upper mantle linked with the surface.

3 The Laboratory of geodynamic modeling has a group of software developed within the group during the last 20 years:


• tAo


• Cages

4 Expertise in using other geodynamic academic tools:

• Underworld.


5 Experience in developing scientific numerical codes



Ivone Jiménez-Munt, Scientific Director

Daniel García-Castellanos, Scientific Director



EARTH cluster with 120 processors

MITE workstation with 64 processors

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