U-Th Geochronology Laboratory


The Laboratory of Geochronology was founded in 1989 through a Catalan infrastructure project that allowed the acquisition of 2 8-channel ORTEC alpha spectrometers. These alpha spectrometers  were renewed in 2010.


The laboratory provides technical support for research groups working on:


• Absolute dating of upper Pleistocene and Holocene continental and marine carbonate samples for a large variety of purposes such as climate, anthropic, geologic and/or environmental reconstructions.


• Absolute dating of human and other archaeological carbonate prehistorical rests.





Santiago Giralt, Scientific Leader

Graciela Monzon, Technical Staff




Alpha spectrometer ORTEC OCTETE PLUS (8 Detectors BR-024-450-100) for 234U/230Th determination.


C/ Lluis Solé Sabaris s/n, Barcelona, E-08028 Spain
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Institut de Ciències de la Terra Jaume Almera
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