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Ivone Jiménez Munt

Scientific Staff

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Educational Background

  • Ph. D., 1999, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona. Advisor: M. Fernàndez. Title: Numerical modelling of lithospheric deformation. Application to the Azores-Gibraltar region.
  • M. Sc., 1997, Geophysics, Universitat de Barcelona
  • B.S c., 1994, Physics, Universitat de Barcelona


Research Interests

  • Study of neotectonics and geodynamic processes.
  • Developing thermal and mechanical numerical models to study the lithosphere deformation, UHURU.
  • Connection with the seismicity and geodetic deformation.
  • Rheology of the Earth.

Zones of interest

  • Mediterranean region
  • Africa-Eurasia plate boundary Alpine chain: Neotectonic studies and Lithosphere structure: Gorringe Bank and NW Moroccan Margin
  • Caribbean plate
  • Tibetan Plateau
  • Zagros Mountain
  • Atlas Mountain


Active Projects

Past Projects










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