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Rull del Castillo, Valentí

Valentí Rull del Castillo

Scientific staff

+34 93 409 5410 ext. 235

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Educational Background

  • Licenciate in Biological Sciences. University of Barcelona (UB), Faculty of Biology. Barcelona, Spain. 1981. Advisor: Ramon Margalef.
  • MS in Biology (Ecology) Magna Cum Laude. Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). Caracas, Venezuela. 1986. Advisor: M. L. Salgado-Labouriau
  • PhD in Biology (Ecology) Magna Cum Laude. Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). Caracas, Venezuela. 1990. Advisor: Carlos Schubert. Homologated to the Spanish Doctorate in September 2004.


Research Interests

  • Paleoecological applications of palynology
  • Biotic responses to environmental change
  • Paleoecology and global warming
  • Tropical biodiversity and biogeography
  • High-mountain paleoecology
  • The temporal continuum in ecology
  • Conservation ecology: conceptual aspects
  • Science and society
  • Cenozoic biostratigraphy
  • Ecostratigraphy
  • Palynology and plant evolution
  • Evolution of neotropical mangroves
  • Mass extinctions and their causes
  • Exploration of natural resources
  • High-Impact palynostratigraphy (HIP)


Active Projects










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