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The Paleomagnetic Laboratory was founded in 1989 as result of an agreement between the CSIC and the Catalonian Geological Service of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Since 1998, the laboratory depends on the CCiT-University of Barcelona and the ICTJA-CSIC. The laboratory provides technical support to research groups working on several research topics within the Earth Sciences, among them:

  • Magnetostratigraphic dating of sedimentary sequences and correlation with their fossil and paleoenvironmental record.
  • Archaeomagnetic dating of archaeological remains.
  • Paleomagnetism applied to the study of orogenic belts and plate tectonics.
  • Environmental magnetic studies aimed to unravelling paleoenvironmental and climatic variations in the sedimentary record. 

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Superconducting rock magnetometer (2G Enterprises)
  • Thermal Demagnetizer MMTD80 (Magnetic Measurements)
  • Thermal Demagnetizer TSD-1 (Schonstedt)
  • Alternating field Demagnetizer D-Tech 2000 (ASC Scientific)
  • Alternating Field Demagnetizer GSD-5 (Schonstedt)
  • Impulse Magnetizer IM10-30 (ASC Scientific)
  • Kappabridge KLY-2 (Geofyzika Brno)

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