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Contact Information

Dario Pedrazzi

Contract Scientist (Beatriu de Pinós)

+34 93 409 54 10 ext.208

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Educational Background

  • 2014 Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, curriculum: Physical Volcanology Institut of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera and University of Barcelona (UB)
  • 2012 Postgraduate Course University of Girona
  • 2010 Master’s Degree in Geological Risks University of Barcelona (UB)
  • 2008 Bachelor’s Degree (2 years) in Geodynamics Geophysics and Volcanology University of Rome Sapienza
  • 2006 Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) in Earth Sciences University of Rome Sapienza


Research Interests

  • Geology, volcanology, stratigraphy and mapping of volcanic áreas with special reference to monogenetic volcanism, hazard evaluation, and, natural hazards.
  • Area of interest: Deception Island (Antártica), México, El Salvador, Canary Islands, Iberian Peninsula








Previous Selected Publications

Pedrazzi, D., Aguirre-Díaz, G., Bartolini, S., Martí, J., & Geyer, A. (2014). The 1970 eruption on Deception Island (Antarctica): eruptive dynamics and implications for volcanic hazards. Journal of the Geological Society, 171(6), 765-778.

Pedrazzi, D., Becerril, L., Martí, J., Meletlidis, S., & Galindo, I. (2014). Explosive felsic volcanism on El Hierro (Canary Islands). Bulletin of Volcanology, 76(10), 863.

Barde‐Cabusson, S., Bolós, X., Pedrazzi, D., Lovera, R., Serra, G., Martí, J., & Casas, A. (2013). Electrical resistivity tomography revealing the internal structure of monogenetic volcanoes. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(11), 2544-2549.

Pedrazzi, D., Martí, J., & Geyer, A. (2013). Stratigraphy, sedimentology and eruptive mechanisms in the tuff cone of El Golfo (Lanzarote, Canary Islands). Bulletin of volcanology, 75(7), 740.